East Coast Interiors, Inc. -- Builders of Quality Furniture for the Aircraft and Marine Industries

Established in 1996, East Coast Interiors has set high standards regionally in their ability to build quality custom furniture. The company's 19,000 sq ft facility includes in-house design staff, CNC routing capabilities, a dedicated lumber storage area, and an isolated finish and preparation area that includes a state-of-the-art Nova Verta down draft spray booth. Not to be forgotten is the group of superlative craftsman, hand-picked, who cumulatively bring decades of skill and experience to the company under one roof. The devotion to quality, from start to finish, for every piece that leaves our facility is immediately apparent by our customers.

Known for providing interior furnishings primarily for the luxury yacht and private jet markets, ECI is also adept at fabricating highly custom individual components such as the composite helm wheels built exclusively for Edson International. Though specialized in constructing ultra light-weight cabinetry to exacting tolerances by proprietary methods used for the aircraft industry, East Coast Interiors also builds furniture by traditional methods. While the skilled hands of our cabinetmakers assemble every piece, it is our nearly exclusive use of a CNC router for pre-assembly that is responsible for an impressive reduction in material waste and a net-savings in assembly time. And, of course, all assembly begins with parts cut to exacting tolerances. These are just a few of the reasons why we are able to provide exceptional value and quality simultaneously, and why so many of our customers have turned to ECI to provide them with cabinetry and components on time and within budget. But regardless of a customer's budget, all wood work we produce receives the same attention to finish quality.